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Standardized Testing and AP Exam updates as a result of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I hope you're staying healthy and following all the protocols set forth by our governor, your parents and teachers during this unique time. If you haven't heard about the modified AP exam yet from your teacher, please check your College Board account for up-to-date information on all the changes for students and educators affected by coronavirus (COVID-19). Here's how standardized testing for college admissions is affected: 

The SAT/Subject Tests

All students who were registered for the March and May SAT sittings should register for June immediately (get a seat now at a nearby school) and save August as a backup for the SAT.  Juniors should not focus on the Subject Tests at this point if they are not finished with the SAT testing. In fact, MIT just dropped the "required" subject tests. Sophomores who were planning to take a subject test in Math or Chemistry or World History can sit for the June Subject test.  Compass Education Group tracks updates on Subject Test policies (which schools recommend vs. consider it).  


All students who were registered for the April ACT were rescheduled to June.  If you were planning to sign up for testing this spring, sign up now for JUNE to secure your spot. Please check your ACT account for more information.

AP Exams Regarding the AP Exams, to recap my understanding, there will be the option of taking a shortened version of the exam (~ 45 minutes) online. More info on what will be covered in the exam will be posted to AP Central on April 3rd. I'm assuming that the new shortened exam will be exclusively multiple choice and no essays or the essays will be short answer--who knows. 

Please check this link to see which content the AP exams will be covering for each course.

Your AP teacher should hopefully give you more guidance on how to prepare for the shortened exam, but make sure you understand the Units that you will be tested on in each course.  The Units can be found on AP Central. Find your course, then click on "The Course" and then either "Course at a Glance" or "Course and Exam Description." So, please get ahead of things and start planning for the future.

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