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Online AP Exams

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The AP program recently announced new exam dates and details about the all-online AP exams. 

Click on this link for the revised exam schedule.  In the link below the exam schedule, you will find Course-Specific Exam Information

THIS IS IMPORTANT INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR YOUR TEST PREP, because College Board provides you the question type, descriptions of what you’ll be asked to do on your exam, the timing for each question, and the units that are being tested.

  • Exams will be given from May 11 through May 22

  • Each subject’s exam will be taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide

  • Make-up test dates will be available for each subject from June 1 through June 5

Other important tips I think you should know: Open-book exams, open-response questions All the AP exams will be open-book and most of the exams will feature several open-response questions. Most exams will have one or two free-response questions, and each question is timed separately. Students will need to write and submit their responses within the allotted time for each question. Language exams will have slightly different requirements, including speaking exercises.  Preparing for the online platform  Most exams will last 45 minutes, and students will need to log on 30 minutes prior to their scheduled exam time to make sure that they are able to access the testing platform. Students will be able to enter their answers directly into the testing platform, type them up and submit them later, or take a picture of handwritten responses and send them in for grading. Students will have 5 minutes to upload their answers.  In late April, College Board will provide AP students and teachers with information on how to access the testing system on test day, and video demonstrations so that students can familiarize themselves with the system. Check your College Board account for updates later this month.  Accommodations plan For students who are approved for extended time, College Board is working to design the online testing system to automatically provide the approved amount of extra time. You'll need to check their website again for updates. Extended portfolio submission deadline Some AP courses, like 2D Art and Design, 3D Art and Design, Drawing, Computer Science Principles, Seminar, and Research don’t end with an exam, but with a portfolio submission. The portfolio submission deadline has been extended to May 26th. Be prepared for test day

  • Set a reminder for yourself on the exam date and time (be on the platform 30 minutes before the exam start time)

  • Free AP Review Online sessions are available on YouTube by AP teachers (they are still covering later material now, but will begin exam review sessions as you get closer to the exam date).  

  • Have everything ready in advance, such as calculators, equation sheets (which can be printed from the exam's course description Appendix on AP is an example for AP Biology Equations and Formulas), pencils, textbooks, and notes. 

  • Have a clock visible so you know your timing

Just because the exam is open-book and only 45 minutes, this does not mean it’s going to be easy. Students will still need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the content covered in the course. 

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